What to bring

Please bring with you:

  • -Your (Acro-)Yoga clothes. Clothes that allow you to move easily!
  • -Bedding: there are mattresses and pillows, but bring your own sheet to cover the (single) bed, a pillowcase and blankets or a sleeping bag.
  • -Yoga mat
  • -A dessert for the bodywork and dessert party. Please minimise waste as much as possible.
  • -Your costume for the dance party on Sunday. Theme: Fantasy Me!
  • -Everything else that you normally take for a mini holiday

Optionally also bring:

  • -A shirt, sweater or bag to print the logo on (anything but white)
  • -An extra towel for the sauna
  • -Earplugs (you sleep in a room with up to five others)
  • -Altar items or anything to make the place feel more cosy
  • -Music instruments and songbooks


On Saturday evening we have a Kirtan. A mantra-concert where you are invited to sing along. After the Kirtan we celebrate the traditional “Bodywork & Dessert Party” where you will exchange your favorite Bodywork and your favorite Dessert (preferably a little bit creative and kind of healthy..). For this you need to bring your favorite dessert, that you will share on the dessert table!

Bonte Avond

On Sunday night we have a ʻbonte avondʼ which is a costume dance party. This years theme will be 'Fantasy Me!' We invite you to bring a costume that reflects your fantasy or dream self. How do you look in your wildest fantasies?  When you walk your dreamworlds as you sleep at night how do you appear? Maybe you have wings, a dragon's tail, a robots body, a horses head!!! This is an opportunity to create a costume that reflects your most magical and exciting vision of yourself for the Sunday Bonte Avond!